Our expertise is focused around three core business lines, with team members from across these practices engaging with each other, harnessing the exponential power of our collective knowledge.

Commercial Aviation

Commercial aircraft production rates are achieving unprecedented levels, even as the major OEMs plan further increases. The aircraft production supply chain is seeing significant changes as customers seek suppliers with a broad range of component and assembly capabilities and value-added service offerings, while demanding significant cost reductions and investments in new capacity. Aftermarket services including maintenance, repair and overhaul, airport ground handling, pilot training, parts distribution, and spares production have all become attractive areas for investment by private equity and corporate buyers.


Business Aviation

Business Aviation aircraft market has grown significantly and the needs of clients and fleets have changed. Customers seek suppliers with a broad range capabilities and value-added service offerings. FCP provides professional services to current aircraft owners wanting to clearly understand today’s market for their specific aircraft, curious about how another model will operationally and financially comparatively serve your mission needs and also first time buyers ready to explore the private aircraft ownership experience.



U.S. and allied defense markets are complex and dynamic constellations of programs, contractors and customers. Analyzing a defense contractor — whether on behalf of a prospective buyer or seller, or to support a corporate leadership team — requires a detailed understanding of customer mission requirements, programs, funding and deployment cycles, and contract terms.